Many business owners do not realise the amount of clutter that exists on the Internet. When a business provides great service to its customers, it often believes that the product or service will sell itself and that there’s no need for extensive marketing and selling.

This is simply not true and it is especially not true on the Internet. When a person searches for a product or a service, he or she sees multiple results from search engines. That’s the whole point of search engines, to provide multiple results. Nobody would need Google or Bing if there was one of everything.

Today, it is extremely easy to design a website. This is positive and a negative at the same time. The good news is that it is easy to create a presence online. The bad news is that because it is so easy, there is a lot of competition.

When a person is searching for something online, he or she will most likely open several websites and compare them at once.

Smart web designers know this. They look at the competition first. Then, they create a website that stands out from the competition.

They also study design of other similar websites. When you are getting started with something new, you always want to find commonalities of those who are extremely successful. This principle applies to the Internet itself and websites on the Internet. For example, if you notice that all your successful competitors have certain design elements, menu elements or offers, on their website, then you should probably consider having them on your website, too.

First, study the competition. Notice what they have in common. Decide what you want to include on your website. After you make the decision about content in general, design your website in such a way that it stands out.